Tuesday 10th January 2012

by ant

I did not need anyone to tell me how I looked or felt to realize that I needed to do something to improve my body. Although I would look at myself in the mirror the changes occurred gradually, so I wasn’t actually shocked with the results. The only thing that sparked the shock was when I went through photos that were about a year old. I asked myself, “How did I let myself go!” So, I decided to make changes beginning with a fitness program that included weight management, as well.

I had to work an exercise routine into my already hectic schedule. I invested in affordable, small pieces of equipment that would help me maximize my workouts. For instance, I invested in an exercise ball, resistance bands and small weights. I used my body weight as a tool as well. I woke up half an hour earlier than normal and went straight to my workout area. Of course, I already did some research on good exercises so that I can fully experience the benefits. Losing 15 pounds was my goal, but it was more important for me to lose inches than actual weight.  I’ve found the garcinia cambogia extract diet instrumental in losing weight that seemed to be so stubborn before.  I attribute finding a solid program from WeightLossPunch.com to be honest. Do you know what the best vitamin c serum is?

We all know that muscle weighs more than fat, so if I was turning fat into muscle, I might not see those weight loss goals on the scale, but instead I would see the difference through the clothing size and a tape measure. Aside from exercising, I turned to a healthier diet, such as by including a healthy breakfast that did not even require a sit-down meal. Instead, I enjoyed smoothies that were filled with all the nutrients the body needs. As they were loaded with plenty of fiber, fruits and such, I would not go hungry and have to reach for muffins or other unhealthy snacks at work. At the same time, I chose to pack a few veggies to eat in between meals throughout the day. This helped me to cut down on my daily caloric intake, which in turn helped me to lose some inches, and I became healthier, and developed a body that I am very proud of.

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